Snow removal in the Town of Occoquan is a joint effort amongst the Town, VDOT, individual homeowner associations, residents and businesses.  The Town contracts with a company for on-call services relating to snow removal from town-owned streets. In addition, town staff coordinates activities with VDOT during inclement weather in regards to clearing VDOT-owned roads.  Finally, individual HOAs are responsible for coordinating snow removal within their respective communities.  Snow Removal Map

Snow and Ice Removal: Town Streets

Town staff monitors inclement weather and its potential impact on the town and coordinates with Prince William County’s Emergency Management Office, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and the town’s snow removal contractor. HOAs are responsible for coordinating snow removal activities with their contracted service provider.

Snow Emergency Routes

Per Town Code, Chapter 76, Article VII, several streets in town are designated as Snow Emergency Routes including Commerce Street, from Route 123 to Ellicott Street, Ellicott Street, from Mill Street to Union Street, Mill Street, from town line (Poplar Lane) to River Mill Park (cul-de-sac), Union Street, from Mill Street to Town line (Tanyard Hill Road), and Washington Street, from Town Line (Occoquan Road) to Mill Street.

In the event of snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, ice, water, flood, high wind or storm, or the threat thereof, it shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle on any designated snow emergency route or to obstruct or impede traffic on any such snow emergency route by reason of failure to have any vehicle operated thereon equipped with adequate snow tires or chains.  As a result, on-street parking, including parking in marked on-street parking spacesis not permitted during snow events on designated snow emergency routes.  If vehicles remain on-street during a snow event, they will be subject to removal in accordance with 46.2-1209 of the Code of Virginia. Residents and businesses who frequently use on-street parking are advised to find alternate parking locations or use the parking lot under the Route 123 bridge on Mill Street.  

By not parking on-street during inclement weather events, the Town is able to clear snow and ice faster and safer from on-street parking areas and travel lanes, allowing business to resume as normal more quickly once the weather event has concluded.

Snow and Ice Removal: Sidewalks

While the Town, VDOT and HOAs handle clearing of the town’s streets, the town relies on residents and businesses to assist in clearing sidewalks to create safe pedestrian pathways. Town Code Section 93.05 states that the occupant of any property that has a sidewalk abutting their property needs to remove snow and ice from it within 12 hours after it has ceased falling, or if it snows overnight, it should be removed by 5 pm on the next day. For those with properties adjacent to brick sidewalks, when using ice melt products, please use those that are safe for brick as other materials like salt and sand can severely damage the bricks. We appreciate everyone’s assistance as we work together to create a safe environment for both vehicles and pedestrians over the winter months.

For questions regarding snow and ice removal within the Town of Occoquan, contact town staff at (703) 491-1918. During snow events, please reference and keep handy the Important Phone Numbers list.

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