FEMA Preliminary Map Changes

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in the process of updating floodplain maps in Prince William County and the Town of Occoquan. On September 30, 2020, FEMA released the preliminary floodplain maps for the County and Town. These maps are referred to as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and show the projected flood risk of properties, as well as areas that are subject to flooding.  FEMA is revising the maps to incorporate new topographic information and more current data effecting flood risk.  The FIRMs for the Town were last updated in 1995.  Changes in the FIRMs could impact which property owners need to obtain flood insurance or may trigger the need to alter existing policies.

Property owners can find detailed information regarding FEMA’s study, as well as view the Preliminary FIRMs using an interactive map tool on the Prince William County website here. Property owners can also view a hard copy of the Preliminary FIRMs in person at 314 Mill Street, Occoquan, VA 22125 on weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  In addition, the Preliminary FIRMs and Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) are available for download on FEMA’s website.

There will be a 90-day public review and comment period beginning sometime this summer. Once FEMA initiates the 90-day comment period, property owners will be able to submit appeals to FEMA through the Town of Occoquan and Prince William County, along with engineering data to contest the overall accuracy of the published Preliminary FIRM maps.  After the appeal period, FEMA will resolve the comments and finalize the map updates.  It is anticipated that the new maps will go into effect sometime in the fall of 2022.

FEMA’s Tentative Schedule of Implementation

  • Summer 2021: 90-Day Public Review and Comment Period
  • Spring 2022: FEMA Issues Letter of Final Determination (LFD)
  • Fall 2022: New Maps Become Effective

Prince William County Preliminary Map Changes Information

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