Town Parks and Facilities

The Town of Occoquan operates a free kayak launch ramp and two municipal parks within the Town’s limits: Mamie Davis Park and River Mill Park.  Both park locations host a variety of community events and family functions throughout the year.  While the kayak launch is free to all users, event permits for the parks are available for a fee through the Town.

Mamie Davis Park
205 Mill Street

Occoquan’s Mamie Davis Park was named in honor of the late, long-time resident and town official, Ms. Mamie Davis. Located at the intersection of Washington Street and Mill Street, this small, grassed, and shaded public area features a gazebo, and connects to the town’s public boardwalk and pier.  It is often used as a setting for weddings, receptions, and other events. More Information.

River Mill Park
458 Mill Street

River Mill Park opened on July 30, 2016. It is a 1.1 acre riverfront park located at the west-end of Mill Street on the site of the former Fairfax Water water treatment facility.  It boasts a LOVEworks sign, terraced and landscaped stairs, a looped walking trail, public restroom facilities, an event pavilion and stunning views of the Occoquan River. Perfect for micro-weddings and elopements!  More Information.

Town Hall
314 Mill Street

Town Hall is available for use by residents and businesses interested in reserving a small meeting space, (capacity 25 or fewer), but is not suitable for events. 

Built in 1929, Town Hall is a former Methodist Church that retains the historic feel of the former church.  Currently, the building houses the Town’s administrative and public safety offices. More Information

Event Permit Information

River Mill Park and Mamie Davis Park may be reserved for events for a fee. Please note that the Town cannot reserve parking for any event held in Town parks.  Nor can anyone  associated with a scheduled event block access by the public. Parks cannot be closed to the public for any event but stanchions and signage can be used to limit access to a private event. No reservations will be taken for any Town facility beyond one year from the date the request is made. Facility users are responsible for any repairs to damage caused by the event or activity.

Event Permit Fees

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Request for Use Forms:

A Facility Use Request Form is required to reserve Town parks and facilities for private events like wedding ceremonies or HOA meetings.  Public parks will not be closed to the public during private events. Applicable fees are due at time of submission. 

Facility Use Request Form 

Facility Use Guidelines  

A Special Event Application is required for events where public parks and spaces will be utilized and where members of the public are invited.  Additional fees may required to address needed town services in conjunction with the planned Special Event. Please reference the Special Event Policy and submit a Special Event Application at least 30 days in advance for review and consideration.  Applicable fees are due at time of submission.

Special Event Policy

Special Event Application

For more information, contact the Town of Occoquan at (703) 491-1918.

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