The Special Operations Division (SOD) consists of OPD Officers who have a dual role within the FOD. The SOD consists of Auxiliary Patrol Officers, Parking Enforcement Officers, the Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) Unit, Marine Patrol Unit, Bicycle Patrol Unit and UTV Patrol Unit.

OCCOQUAN SHIELD The Occoquan Police Department’s (OPD) SHIELD program is the platform between the community we serve and the Occoquan Police Department that allows information and intelligence to flow back and forth. The key to success is information flowing in two directions. Community partners serve as the eyes and ears of the OPD and serve to directly impact efforts to prevent crime and acts of terrorism by reporting suspicious behavior as soon as possible. We recognize that our community partners are uniquely qualified to assist OPD personnel during an incident. You know what belongs and what is out of place. Sharing your perspective and working together, we are better prepared to face the most difficult challenges. Within the OPD SHIELD program several initiatives are housed:
  • The OPD Community SHIELD Liaison Initiative
  • The OPD “See Something/Say Something” and Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiatives
  • The OPD Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, Worship Watch, and Dog Walker Watch Initiatives

The OPD SHIELD Program keeps its partners informed of upcoming events, new intelligence and crime/terrorism related information developing within the Town of Occoquan and the region. To register to become a member of the OPD SHIELD program please complete the application HERE

Do you own a Business in town? Complete the OPD After Hours Business Contact Form so we are able to contact you in case of an emergency or incident involving your business when your not there. Click HERE to complete the form. 


The OPD is leaving these property check cards on businesses throughout town following an officer checking the exterior of the business after normal operating hours. 

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