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Issue Date: Monday, March 13, 2023
Due Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023

About the Solicitation
The Town of Occoquan, Virginia, is requesting information from potential vendors on the construction and operation of a multi-story parking facility of approximately 200 or more spaces at a specific location within town boundaries.

For Questions: Email the Town Manager or call (703) 491-1918.

RFP-2023-02_Wastewater Sediment Removal (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)
Issue Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Due Date: Monday, November 14, 2022


RFP 2023-02 ADDENDUM 1
An addendum containing applicable engineering documents and permits.


An amendment addressing inquiries on the scope of work.

About the Solicitation
The Town of Occoquan is accepting Quotations from qualified contractors to provide dredging and sediment removal services for the Town. The proposer shall provide the services based on the specifics in the linked document.

For Questions: Email Town Hall or call (703) 491-1918

RFP-2023-01 IT Support Services (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)
Issue Date: Monday, August 22, 2022
Due Date: Monday, September 26, 2022


RFP-2023-01 Addendum 1
An addendum regarding the on-site visit PowerPoint presentation.

RFP-2023-01 Addendum 2
An addendum regarding questions on the content of the RFP.

About the Solicitation
The Town of Occoquan is accepting proposals from qualified contractors to provide IT support services. The contractor will furnish all labor, equipment, and materials to provide information technology support services to the municipality.

For Questions: Email Town Hall or call (703) 491-1918

​​Annual Contracts

Throughout the year, the Town of Occoquan has the need to contract for a variety of services. Businesses interested in bidding on such services should be alert to announcements posted on this website and in other media.

All contractors doing business with the Town of Occoquan should be familiar with the Town’s standard contract terms and conditions which can be accessed by clicking here. Below is a list of approximate times of the year when the town regularly seeks bids for certain services:

Snow Removal: September
Grounds and Maintenance: April
Refuse Collection: April

For more information, contact the Town Clerk at (703) 491-1918 or at

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