Vendor Registration Open for RiverFest!

Vendor Booth Pricing

All vendor booths are 10’X10′ spaces.

Early Bird Regular Rate Premium Rate
Expires Feb 1, 2020 Expires May 1, 2020 After May 1, 2020
Artisan’s Walk $300 $325 $375
Direct Sales $350 $375 $425
Commercial $475 $500 $550
Truck 10′ or less $350 $375 $425
Truck 10′ – 20′ $400 $425 $475
10 x 10 Food Tent $450 $475 $525
Food Tent Refundable clean up fee, due w/app $200 $200 $200

Special Pricing for In-Town Businesses

In-town businesses will continue to receive the special discounted price of $100 for a 10’X10′ booth in front of or near your storefront.  Please indicate your preferred space on your application; space requests are not guaranteed, but every effort will be made to accommodate merchant space requests. Submit applications by May 1, 2020 for RiverFest.


Vendor Descriptions

Artisan’s Walk

The Artisan’s Walk is located at the west end of Mill Street and limited to 150 artisans; booths will line both sides of the street. The Artisan’s Walk is juried: all work must be original, handmade, and created by the artist. No resale items are allowed.


The Marketplace is a range of commercial and independent businesses, direct sales, and non-profits. The Commercial Business category encompasses companies and professionals in the conservation, adventure and water sports industries, including manufacturers, retailers, and industry advocates. The Direct Sales category is distinguished by small business owners who earn money by buying products from a parent organization and selling them directly to customers. The Marketplace is located on the east end of Mill Street near the river access, kids’ activities, and food court. This is the curated, but non-juried portion of the festival. Applications will be screened for theme relevance and suitability.


The theme of RiverFest is all things nature and nautical. 25% of each vendor’s exhibit should incorporate these themes. Early entrants’ work may be used for promotional purposes.


Become a Sponsor of RiverFest!

Sponsorship of $1,000 would include:

  • 10 x 10 exhibit space at RiverFest.
  • Sponsor name recognition in the press release related to that event.
  • Name and logo placement on all paid advertising and printed materials related to event.
  • Visible placement of banner for the event, which serves as a backdrop in photo opportunities.

2020 RiverFest Vendor Applications

Artisan’s Walk Application: Complete this application if you create your own product. This portion of RiverFest is a juried show.

RiverFest Artisan’s Walk Application

Direct Sales: Businesses that are direct sales should complete this application.

RiverFest Direct Sales Application

Commercial Product Application: Companies and professionals in the adventure and water sports industries, including manufacturers, retailers, and industry advocates should complete this application.

RiverFest Commercial Application

Food Vendor Application: Complete this application if you want to cook and serve food for consumption on the premises.

RiverFest Food Tent Application

Food Truck Vendor Application: Complete this application if you cook and serve food from a completely self-contained food truck.

RiverFest Food Truck Application

Occoquan Business Application: Complete this application if you own and operate a business within the Town of Occoquan’s corporate limits.

RiverFest Town Business Application

Non-Profit Application: Complete this application if you are a non-profit (501c3) organization. Proof of non-profit status is required. No spaces will be offered to those of a political nature of any kind.

RiverFest Non-Profit Application

Sponsorship: Companies interested in the benefits of a RiverFest Sponsorship should complete this application.

RiverFest Sponsor Application

Parking Space Reservations

As this is an outdoor event that takes place along the Town’s streets, parking and vehicle access is restricted within the Town during the show.  Most vendors use our shuttle service, but the Town has also reserved two parking lots in town for use by vendors that are within the show area.  Once a vehicle is parked in the lot, it must stay for the duration of the show each day until security deems the streets cleared of pedestrian traffic. Spots are very limited and are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.  If you would like to reserve a parking spot, please indicate the request on your application and pay the $75 reservation fee in addition to the booth space fee. Trucks with trailers will require two parking spaces.

Food Vendors

Food Vendors are responsible for all required Prince William County Health Department permits and compliance with regulations. For health permit applications and regulations, please contact:
Prince William County Health District
Division of Environmental Services

9301 Lee Avenue
Manassas, VA  20110
(703) 792-6313

Payment Options

Payment in full is due at the time your application is submitted.  Placement in the show will be made once full payment has been received.  A deposited check/accepted funds does not guarantee placement.  If you are not accepted into the show, you will be notified and your payment will be refunded in full.

Pay Online

RiverFest Regular Fees/Expires May 1, 2020

*Payments made through PayPal incur a 3% service charge and is included in the checkout amount listed.


Pay by Phone or Mail

Payments can be made by phone, provided an application has been submitted. Call 703-491-1918 to make a payment by phone. Payments made by phone are subject to a 3% service charge.

To mail a payment, make checks payable to the Town of Occoquan and mail to Occoquan RiverFest, PO Box 258, Occoquan, VA 22125. Cash or check payments do not include PayPal service fees.

Applications and payments may also be dropped off at Town Hall, 314 Mill Street, M-F, 9 am to 4 pm or dropped in the overnight drop box located on the front of Town Hall.

More Information

Read about our policies here. Questions or need more information? Contact the Event Director at (703) 491-2168.

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