The Mayor and Town Council members are elected at-large by the residents of Occoquan during even-numbered years.  All registered voters within the Town’s limits are eligible to vote during Town elections. Beginning in 2022, Town elections will be held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November during even-numbered years.  Previously, Town Elections were held in May.  The current Mayor and Town Council terms will end December 31, 2022.  The terms of those elected during the 2022 November election will begin January 1, 2023.

​For information on registering to vote and other voter-related information, please visit Prince William County Board of Elections.


Historical Election Results

The Virginia Department of Elections website has historical information on elections that have taken place within the Commonwealth since 1972.  View Historical Election Data

More Information

Visit the Prince William County Office of Elections website or call (703) 792-6470 for more information on voting.

More Information: Prince William Votes

Read: Registering to Vote

Read: Absentee Voting​​

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