The Town of Occoquan, in partnership with Prince William County and Fairfax Water, developed River Mill Park, a one-acre park along the Occoquan River with a public restroom, event pavilion, open space, and paved walking trail. River Mill Park was opened to the public in July of 2016 and is used by the Town to host concerts and other family-friendly events, as well as by the community for various public and private events. The public is able to request an event permit ($) for the use of the park for special events; however, it cannot be closed to the public. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Event Permit Information

An event permit can be requested for use of River Mill park. Please note that the Town cannot reserve parking for or prevent the public from entering any event held in the park, nor can anyone permitting the park block access by the public. Users may; however, place a sign during the event asking the public to be respectful and/or to take some other appropriate action. Request an Event Permit 

For more information, contact the Town Clerk at (703) 491-1918.

History of the Park Property

The site of River Mill Park was home to the former River Station Water Treatment Plant operated by Fairfax Water since 1967, after it was acquired as part of the purchase of the Alexandria Water Company.  The Frederick P. Griffith, Jr. Water Treatment Plant opened in 2006, replacing River Station (decommissioned in 2007) and two other treatment plants in the Fairfax Water system.  Prior to Fairfax Water’s ownership of the property, the land played a significant role in the Town’s history as it related to grist mill and iron furnace operations. The property is still owned by Fairfax Water; however, they are leasing the property to the Town for the purpose of building and maintaining River Mill Park.  In 2015, demolition work removed antiquated structures that allowed a view up the river that had not been enjoyed by the public for nearly fifty years.

Become a Friend of River Mill Park

Every year, the Town seeks financial support from our community to help sponsor events at River Mill Park. Learn more.

Brick Paver Program

Leave your mark on Occoquan at River Mill Park by purchasing a personalized brick!  Bricks are laid along the sidewalk in front of the River Mill Park sign and proceeds benefit park maintenance and events. Learn more.

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Balloons at 401-411 Mill Street show the difference in height between existing structures and the height of the proposed building. Balloons will be displayed until the public hearing on 9/24.