The Town of Occoquan is located within Prince William County.  Residents of the Town of Occoquan are considered residents of both the town and Prince William County.  As a result, residents of Occoquan receive the benefit of services from both the town and county.

Real Estate Taxes

Annually, the Occoquan Town Council sets a tax rate for real estate. This tax is in addition to Prince William County’s real estate tax.

The total real estate tax amount is paid in one lump sum, due February 15 of each year. Invoices are mailed beginning in November.

The tax rate is expressed in dollars per one hundred dollars of assessed value. For example, a total tax rate of $0.12 for a property assessed at $500,000 dollars is calculated as ($500,000/100) x $0.12 = $600. The Town of Occoquan real estate tax rate for fiscal year 2020 is $0.12 per $100 of assessed value. 

As a resident of the Town, you are required to pay both Occoquan and Prince William County real estate taxes. For more information on Prince William County real estate taxes, visit Prince William County’s Finance Department or call (703) 792-6000.

Most homeowners pay real estate taxes through their mortgage services company. If you do not utilize a mortgage services company, then you must pay your tax amount directly to the town. Bills are mailed to each property owner during the month of November.  Please review the information to ensure accuracy and if applicable, forward to your mortgage company to ensure prompt payment.

Payment from mortgage services companies should be sent directly to the Town of Occoquan at 314 Mill Street, P.O. Box 195, Occoquan, VA 22125.

Payment by residents directly to the Town can be processed online via the Real Estate Tax Payment form or mailed/delivered to the Town of Occoquan at 314 Mill Street, P.O. Box 195, Occoquan, VA 22125.

​Vehicle License Fee

2023 Vehicle License Fee Due November 15, 2022 | 2023 Decals must be displayed by November 16, 2022
2023 Letter
2023 Blank Form

Pay Online 
Fill out the form and pay anytime here.
Credit Card (3% Convenience Fee)
Pickup auto decal at Town Hall or submit
application and payment by November 8th to receive via mail.

Pay In Person at Town Hall
314 Mill Street, Occoquan, VA 22125
Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm
November 2, 2021 – 9 am – 7 pm
Cash | Check | Money Order | Credit Card (3% Convenience Fee)
Overnight Drop Box Available (No Cash, Please)

Pay by Mail
Town of Occoquan
PO Box 195
Occoquan, VA 22125
Check | Money Order
Decals will be mailed to mailing address provided.

The Town of Occoquan requires all vehicles garaged and/or parked within the Town to display an annual vehicle license decal.  Decals are required to be displayed by November 15 of each year.  Decals are proof of payment for the annual Vehicle License Fee and are not a parking pass.

Please note that this is not personal property tax, which is levied by and payable to Prince William County.  It is your responsibility to notify the county if you own the following: motor vehicles, motorcycles, mobile homes, motor homes, trailers, campers, farm machinery, boats, outboard motors, airplanes, business personal property, or other items covered by county taxes.  To avoid penalties, purchases of the above must be reported within 30 days of acquisition to Prince William County.

To apply for a Town of Occoquan Vehicle Decal, fill out the above blank form or apply online, which should be completed and delivered with payment to Occoquan Town Hall, 314 Mill Street, PO Box 195, Occoquan, VA 22125.

​Vehicle License Fee Rates
​Automobile or Truck:  $22
​Motorcycles:  $15
Active Duty Military: $1
Replacement or Transfer: $5

Personal Property Tax

Personal property tax (vehicles) is collected by Prince William County. For information on personal property tax, visit Prince William County Finance Department or call (703) 792-6000. Personal property tax is due October 5 of each year.

Pet Owner License Information

Dog licenses are required and available through Prince William County.  For more information or to obtain a dog license, visit Prince William County Finance Department or call (703) 792-6000. Dog licenses are renewed annually and are due by January 31 of each year.

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