The Town owns a small street sweeper that is used during the warmer months to regularly collect debris that accumulates on the streets including dirt and refuse.  We regularly run the street sweeper in the historic business district on Mondays and Fridays, weather permitting.  Businesses and residents in the historic district are asked to sweep debris from the sidewalks adjacent to their property into the street so that the street sweeper can collect the debris during the scheduled street sweeping activities.

In order to aid in street sweeping activities, residents and businesses are asked not to park on the street on Friday and Monday mornings.  The Town schedules street sweeping activities for early morning; however, this is not always possible due to scheduling conflicts and weather conditions.

Street Sweeping in Residential Areas

The Town will periodically street sweep in the residential areas outside of the historic district. Generally, street sweeping will occur in early spring to clean up winter weather impacts in the residential areas.

Street Sweeping: March – October

Street sweeping is generally conducted between March and October, dependent on weather conditions.  Street sweeping operations are conducted mainly in the Historic District.

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