The Town of Occoquan contracts with Bates Trucking for weekly trash and recycling service for our residents and businesses.  All households and businesses that use roll carts and are not served privately are included in the Town’s contract; new residents or businesses DO NOT need to call to set up service.

If you have questions about the Town’s contract, would like to request a new or replacement refuse or recycling container, report a damaged cart, report a missed collection, or have other refuse or recycling questions, please email Town Hall or call (703) 491-1918.  To schedule a Bulk Collection (Special Pick-ups) please contact Bates Trucking. See below.

Collection Information

Refuse and recycling is collected once per week on Wednesdays.  Refuse should be placed to the curb no earlier than 4 pm on Tuesday and no later than 5 am on Wednesday.  Please remove containers from the curb as quickly as possible after collection. When placing refuse to the curb for collection, do not impede public right of ways including sidewalks and streets.

Trash and recycling should be concealed from public view when not placed out for collection. Please take care to ensure your refuse does not blow out of containers and create a hazard.

Residents and business are asked not to place household refuse in public trash cans (black containers located on sidewalks).  Please place your refuse in your container and do not place your household or business refuse in public trash cans or town dumpsters.


Each household is provided with a 64 gallon (roll cart) or 18 gallon (bin) recycling container.  Please note that glass is no longer allowed as part of your regular Wednesday recycling collection; do not mix glass products in your recycling bin/cart.  You may put your glass in the trash or drop it at one of the Purple Bins located within the Northern Virginia region.  Find your local Purple Bin. For more information on recycling in Prince William County, visit Prince William County Solid Waste Management.

To dispose of excess recycling materials, there is a recycling trailer located under the Route 123 Bridge for public use. (Not for glass recycling.)

Yard Waste

Bates Trucking will collect yard waste on the Town’s regular collection day.  Please ensure tree trimmings are in bundles no larger than four (4) feet in length and leaves and other yard waste are secured in bags weighing no more than 50 pounds. Unbagged, loose leaves will not be collected.

Bulk Collections 

With advance notice, Bates Trucking will collect bulk trash items placed on the curb on the Town’s regular collection day. To schedule a bulk trash pickup, call 800-840-6454 Ext. 331.

Each residence is limited to three (3) items of bulk trash per collection. Bulk trash includes, but is not limited to the following: discarded furniture (disassembled); appliances, including washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators; and other household items. The Town’s refuse contractor will not collect automobile parts, corrosive items, oil or other heavy liquids, tree stumps, sod, dirt, building or contractor materials and ashes. Contractor waste will not be collected and must be disposed of by the contractor or homeowner.

Back Door Service

Bates Trucking will provide back door service for Occoquan residents who are elderly or persons with disabilities who live alone and are unable to handle moving their trash carts to the curb for collection. To request this service, please contact Town Hall at (703) 491-1918.

New or Replacement Containers

If you are a new resident or need a new trash or recycling container, please contact Town staff at (703) 491-1918 to schedule a container drop off.

Schedule Changes

Any changes to the collection schedule will be included in the Town’s monthly newsletter, which is delivered to every resident in town.

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