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Visit the Prince William County Building Property Code Enforcement website to submit a complaint, review frequently asked questions, and find more information.


Prince William County Neighborhood Services administers the property maintenance code enforcement program within the Town of Occoquan. 

Neighborhood Services staff are responsible for enforcing the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) Part III, known as the Virginia Maintenance Code, as it relates to existing structures. It is their responsibility to confirm existing structures are structurally sound and in a safe condition in accordance with the minimum standards established by the Virginia Maintenance Code.

Common Violations:

      • Exposed & unprotected exterior coverings

      • Exterior materials in disrepair or deteriorated

      • Plumbing fixtures leaking or not operational

      • Electrical hazards

      • Mechanical equipment not operable or safe to operate

    Violations NOT Enforced by Prince William County Neighborhood Services:

        • All landscaping and lawn related complaints should be filed with the Town of Occoquan by calling 703-491-1918 or emailing

        • All inoperative vehicles in public streets should be reported to the Occoquan Police Department by calling 571-492-7274

        • All zoning violations, including refuse and sign complaints, should be filed with the Town of Occoquan by calling 703-491-1918 or emailing

      Contact Prince William County’s Neighborhood Services Division

      5 County Complex Court
      Prince William, VA 22192
      Counter Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm

      Phone: (703) 792-7018

      Email Neighborhood Services

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