The Mill at Occoquan Project

Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investments, Inc. proposes redevelopment of 401, 403, 405, 407, and 411 Mill Street. The developer requests approval of the Preliminary Site Plan and two (2) Special Use Permits for uses permitted only as special exceptions, as follows:

  • SE2018-01: Residential units within the B-1 District
  • SE2018-03: Average building height to exceed 35 feet

Project Update Summary

On May 13, 2021, the Applicant submitted amended Special Exception applications and Preliminary Site Plan. The most significant changes since the last submission include:

  • Applicant has withdrawn special exception application SE2018-02, setback exception request
  • Eliminated one floor of the building and roof-top observation deck
  • Increased setback
  • Reduced residential unit count from 80 to 52 units
  • Reduced building height from 79 to 55 feet
  • Reduced total commercial square footage
  • Eliminated bump-outs along proposed Riverwalk

Updated project documents are available below.

Town Council Documents – June 15, 2021 Public Hearing

Town Council held a public hearing on the two Special Exception applications on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. After receiving presentations from Town staff and the Applicant, and receiving public comment, the Town Council closed the public hearing. Action on this item is currently scheduled for the July 6, 2021 Town Council meeting.

View the Town Council Meeting Agenda Packet (Includes Public Hearing Documentation)

Public Hearing Audio Recording (WMA File)
Staff Presentation – June 15, 2021 (PDF)
Applicant Presentation Materials – June 15, 2021 (PDF)

Planning Commission Documents – January 26, 2021 Public Hearing

The documents provided below are previous materials submitted by the Applicant and reviewed by the Planning Commission during a public hearing on January 26, 2021. The Planning Commission recommended approval to the Town Council with conditions as outlined in PCR2021-01B. After the Planning Commission Public Hearing the Applicant requested that the Town Council public hearing be postponed to allow the Applicant time to review and amend their Special Exception applications. On May 13, 2021, the Applicant submitted revised applications and materials for Town Council consideration, for which a public hearing with the Town Council has been scheduled on June 15, 2021. 

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