Sign Code Updates!

On June 6, 2023, the Town Council amended the Sign Code, including several changes that affect window signage, A-frame signage, and the overall number limits on signage. As a result, Town staff has created an updated Permanent Signage Application. Town staff will also be implementing new sign enforcement measures and updating the Quick Signage Guide.

Permanent Signage Requests for Residential and Commercial Properties

Previously, the Architectural Review Board (ARB) was responsible for reviewing and approving all signage requests within the Town of Occoquan during their monthly meeting.  On November 1, 2016, the Town Council adopted a revised sign ordinance that now requires signage be reviewed by the Town’s Zoning Administrator or designee.  As a result, the ARB does not review signage requests; however, the ARB still provides guidance on color, location, size, and material of signage within the historic district through the Board’s Guidelines. The Guidelines should be referenced by all applicants and all applications will be reviewed for compliance with the guidelines and Section 157.335 of the Town Code.

Temporary Banner Requests
Temporary Banner permits are issued by the Town Manager. Complete the application and submit to the Town Manager at Town Hall or by e-mail.  Temporary banners may be displayed for 20 consecutive days and each property is permitted to display a banner up to two times per calendar year. Please include a photo of the location of the temporary banner and a mock up in color of the proposed banner along with your application.

Application Fees

Permanent Sign Application and Permit:

Residential: $25

Non-Residential: $45

Temporary Sign Application and Permit:

All Applicants: $25

Applicable Forms and Information

Sign Application (Permanent – commercial, residential, waterfront, other)

Application for a Temporary Banner

Section 157.300 – Sign Ordinance – Updated 6 2023

Color Palettes

Below are color palettes recommended by the ARB for reference when applying for a sign permit. Click on each image for more information.

Exterior Changes in the Historic District

Any exterior changes to buildings and properties within the Historic District require an application and review by the Architectural Review Board prior to work beginning.  More Information

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