Occoquan is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, retail, and service businesses, most of which are located in the town’s historic district.  If you are looking to do business in town, we encourage you to review the information contained here and look forward to welcoming you to town.

This page provides an overview of the rules and regulations particular to doing business in Occoquan.  When reviewing this information it is important to keep in mind that the information contained here is not exhaustive.  There may be, and often are, other applicable county, state, and federal rules that are not addressed here, but with which business owners should comply.

Business, Professional, and Occupational Licenses (BPOL)

Commercial businesses and individuals engaging in home occupations or self-employment based in the Town of Occoquan must file an application and pay the applicable tax (the BPOL tax) to obtain a business license to operate in town.  New businesses must obtain a license before beginning operations.  For businesses renewing their license, which is required annually, an application is due on or before March 1 of each year. Itinerant vendors operating in Occoquan must contact the Town Clerk and pay an itinerant vendor fee.  Detailed information on Occoquan Business License requirements may be found in Chapter 11 of the Town Code.

2023 Business License Renewal

Business Licenses are renewed annually.  The 2023 BPOL applications are due March 1, 2023; payments are due by May 31, 2023. A penalty of 10% may be applied if your application is received after March 1, and a 10% will be added if your payment is received after May 31, 2023. Letter to Active Businesses | 2023 BPOL Application Fillable PDF

Home-Based Businesses

​Home-based businesses are required to obtain a Business and Professional Occupational License annually from the Town of Occoquan.

Additionally, home-based businesses must secure zoning approval by obtaining a Home Occupation Certificate. This free certificate must be submitted annually with each BPOL application and outlines the conditions under which home occupations may operate. The certificate is codified in Section 157.010 of the Town Code.

For more information contact the Town Clerk at (703) 491-1918.

Sign Permits

Most signs within the Town of Occoquan require a permit prior to installation. Permit applications are available on the Town’s website and at Town Hall. More Information 

Zoning  and Occupancy Permits

In addition to a Business, Professional, and Occupational License businesses must also receive zoning approval and an occupancy permit before opening to the public.  More Information

Doing Business in the Historic District

Many town businesses are located in Occoquan’s historic district.  Such businesses are subject to special rules and regulations regarding signage, exterior changes, etc., which are administered by the Town’s Architectural Review Board (ARB).  Business owners planning to locate in the historic district should consult the ARB section of this web site.

Restaurants/Food Service Establishments

Restaurants and establishments serving food are required to produce a certificate of approval from the County Health Department or other appropriate regulatory authority before the town may issue them a business license.  In addition, the Town of Occoquan assesses a 3% meals tax on the amount paid on every meal or food purchased from any food establishment or caterer, whether prepared in such food establishment or not, and whether consumed on the premises or not.  Meals Taxes are due monthly on or before the 20th. Meals Tax FAQ

You can now report your monthly meals tax online here or submit via mail or in-person using the Meals Tax Report Form.

Transient Room Rentals

The Town of Occoquan assesses a 7% tax on transient lodging in town. Reporting businesses can use the Transient Tax Form to submit their reports and payments via mail or in-person at Town Hall or report and pay online here.


*The information contained on this web page provides general guidance only and is not a substitute for and does not supersede in any way the requirements of the Occoquan Town Code or other relevant regulations.

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