The Town of Occoquan recognizes that the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic create particular hardships for small businesses and their employees.  Accordingly, we are trying to encourage the responsible patronage of Town businesses during this difficult time.

One initiative we are promoting is the online purchase of gift cards/certificates from Town businesses and the ordering of curbside, pickup-to-go service.  To that end we ask that businesses offering such services complete the form below.  When we receive this form we will update your entry in the Town business directory.  (We may also set up a separate COVID-19 listing depending upon the responses we receive.)  You will see that the form is geared toward identifying whether or not you have specific mechanisms by which people can place online orders, or whether or not they should simply contact you through normal channels.

Our goal is to try to promote these services as best we can.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mayor Porta directly at or on his personal cell phone (571-276-8695).  Although suggestions for this type of listing have been circulating broadly, we would to thank Dale Barnes for forwarding an illustrative example of another jurisdiction’s implementation of the idea.

Business COVID-19 Offerings
First and Last Name
Do You Offer Gift Cards or Gift Certificates (all businesses)? *
Can customers order gift cards or gift certificates online for mailing to them (all businesses)? *
Do you offer online or phone ordering for curbside, pickup-to-go (all restaurants and non-service businesses)? *
Do you offer online or phone ordering of goods for shipping to customer (non-restaurant, non-service businesses only)?
200 character limit.
500 character limit.

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