Booth Numbers and Load In Logistics for Fall Arts & Crafts Show

September 24 & 25, 2022

Booth Numbers

Due to several factors, many booth numbers have shifted, but in most cases, previous vendors will be located in the same vicinity as past shows.


M-Mill Street

W-Washington Street

U-Union Street

Cul-de-sac-front of River Mill Park

Vendor Booth Numbers

Artisans, Crafters, and Makers
M 111 A Mixed Bag, LC
M 106 Adopted Imaginations
M 33 Alexandra Schmeling Fine Art
M 89 Anvil Fire and Time
M 59 AppleJuice TeaParty
M 182 Art By Alexandra
M 86 Art by Marino
M 161 Art by Zachary Sasim
M 82 Arte Blanche Fine Arts
M 201 Artisan_Fel
M 159 Artsy Activist
M 223 Artsy Like Whoa
W 13 Astrid's Art Studio
M 48 Authentic Chicha, LLC
M 208B AWL Art & Design
M 206 Battleborn Brew
M 103 Beads by Becka
M 153 Bean Sprout Creative
W 28 Beyond the Glitter
M 217&218 Black Hoodie Art
M 98 Blair's Oyster Shells
M 76 Blessed Hearts Co
M 135 Boso Foods LLC
M 236-238 Brenda's Boutique
M 177 Buddin' Bakery
M 105 C. J. Brightley
M 96 Castein Apothecary
M 113 Cat’s Candles
M 226 Celestial Bonsai LLC
M 69 Chaos and Clay
M 112 Christmas All Year 'Round
M 34 Circuit Breaker Labs
W 19 Clay Collectibles
M 38 Cocktail Party, LLC
M 35 Creative Side Bows
M 30 Curley Mill Studio/Glass Pocket
M 231 Delaware Dolls
M 205 Dilly Cakes LLC
M 13 Dizzy Blondes Jewelry
M 200 Earlusion
M 75 Earth Essentials by Erica
M 175 East Coast Collective
M 228 Everything Purposeful LLC
M 18&157 Fabiolasflagbagshoppe
I Alley Fairy Jennabelle
M 94 Flat 14 Designs
M 21 Floppy Hat Ceramics
M 58 Furtastic Collars
M 80 G+H Custom Workshop
M 221 Gianna’s
W 30 Giggle in Pink
M 10 Glass Garden Flowers by Amber
M 154 Glass Roots
M 15 Gourmet Creations
M 142 Grace A Mano
M 102 Grain & Grit
M 232 Granite Creations
M 114 Grateful Gypsy
M 51 Gray Bryant Art
M 207&208A Great Harvest Bread Co
W 15 Halfway Sweet
M 44 Happy Henna Guy
W 16 Heart and Soul Wreaths
M 222 Hip Pockets
W 1&2 HomeTownGo
M 208D Hudson River Inlay
M 23B HuMa Designs, Inc
M 22 iPhotoBirds
M 17 Ismega Designs
M 166 J. Marlou & Associates
M 93 Jesby Scarves
W 25 JNRG Healing Co.
M 95 JST Art & Design
M 137 Just Piddlin'
M 19 Just What I Was Looking For!
M 234&235 K&S Wood Crafts LLC
M 199 Kank's Store
M 224&225 Kati Bee Artisan Jewelry
M 83&84 Kebaubles
M 100 Kellie Sansone Creates
M 7 kerri henry pottery llc
M 214 Kindred's Kandies LLC
M 198 Klay Haus Pottery
M 61 kLuvCrafting
M 190 Kris Krafts Stained Glass
W 23 L & A Creations
M 202 Laura's Raw Honey
M 147 Lemon-Aid Organics
M 143 L'Essentials LLC
M 170 Little Dreams
M 136 Lotta's Bow-tique
M 55 M&M Links Jewelry
M 212 Magnifiscent Aroma Candle
M 152 Mam Jam’s Candle Company
M 229 Mary Louise Lux Beauty, LLC
M 104 McIntyre Pottery
M 60 MiaImaMai
M 191&192 Mollybeads
W 21 Monicker Printing
M 203 Murrell's Salsa
M 144 My Shiny Dot
M 215 Mystic Lines
M 26 Nardisano Customs
M 213 No21 Soap Co.
M 16 Not Just Jars
M 47 Nut N Better
M 176 Ohh Soy Goodness
M 194 Oompah's Udderiffic Cheese Spread
M 108 Oxford’s Sew and Sew, LLC
M 107 Paint Me! Paint Me!
M 23A Papa’s Handcrafted Birdhouses
M 36 Papillon Ridge Soap Company
M 184 Paris Love
M 230 Pencil Me In Publications, LLC
M 66&67 Penguin Bob
M 216 PetGearByDebbie
M 49 Plants & What Knot
M 220 Po River Apiary, LLC
W 24 Popi n Mimi's Pecans
M 101 Pretty Fizzy Bombs
W 27 Pup My Style
M 233 Purple Cardinal Arts LLC
M 57 Qute Artistic Jewelry
W 22 Randa Design
W 9 Regina's Blackstar
M 97 Ricandela Co.
M 85 Rivah City Soap Company
W 11 Rosanna C Curiel
M 54 Rumalutions Rum Cakes
M 156 S&A Woodworks
M 88 Secret Springs Studio
M 41 Serenity Glass
M 188 Shane's Forever Files
M 211 Shop-Monkey Studio LLC
M 99 Shutdown Sewing
W 8 Silverhammer Studios
M 110 SilverWolf Crafts
M 6 Slates Ornate
M 8 Smell of Love Candles, LLC
W 31&32 Snyder's Wreaths
M 219 Specters Anonymous
M 62-64 SportsBannersPlus
M 12 Sprelly LLC
W 26 Stix & Stones
W 14 Sugar Plum Hangover
M 53 Sweet Stitches
M 68 Syd Evans Art
M 14 The Cheeky Squirrel
M 32 The Chestnut Mare
M 148 The Chocolate Sauce
M 37 The Common Tote
M 109 The Woodcrafter's Cottage
M 155 Three Wishes Craft Shoppe
M 139 Tilley's Favorite Dog Biscuits
W 29 TOA Waters
W 6 ToBeeCo
M 11 Top Shelf Jerky
M 174 Troy Montana Jewelry
M 31 True Honey Teas
M 20 Two by Two Custom Creations
M 160 Two Hands Pottery
W 7 Upcycled Gemz
M 169 Wandering Knot LLC
M 50 Wanton Studio
M 65 White Dove Candle LLC
M 9 WhiteRabbitStudio
M 183 Whole Grain Goods
M 227 Wine-Oh! Designs
M 208C Wire Art Design
M 79 WiRealm by Tamara
M 52 Woodchuck Creations
M 204 Write On!
M 138 Yarn Chef Creations
M 158 Yisoobinaturals
M 39 Freedom Boat Club
M 207&208 Great Harvest Bread Co
M 27&28 Hitchcock Paper Co
M 162 Leaf Filter Gutter Protection
M 71 Patriot Scuba
M 56 Prince William Home Improvement

U 45&46 Bamboo Pillows & Sheets
U 41 CozylLandGoods
U 51 Cutco Cutlery
W 3&4 Earth Addictions
U 3 Franny's Farmacy NOVA
U 47 Glitter Driven
W 18 Good Old Rugs and Towels
U 2 Gordos
U 6 Gourmet Gifts Inc
U 52 I See Spain
U 5 Inca Sun Import & Export
W 17 MAK Crafts LLC
U 50 Mary Kay Cosmetics and Skin Care
U 7 Origami Owl
U 1 Pampered Chef
U 40 Psychic of Virginia
U 9 Red Aspen
U 10 RVA Distribution
U 48 Safe and Blessed
U 8 Scentsy
U 49 Thirty-one Gifts
U 44 Trails & Shores
U 11 Unas Bolsas
U 43 Young Living Essential Oils
Town Businesses
M 188 Amaya Studios
U 42 Anderson's Country Store
M 24 Anewed Soul Designs
M 91&92 Apiary Market
M 171 Art a la Carte
M 81 Artist's Undertaking Gallery
M 180 Ballywhack Shack
M 145 Bann Thai
M 187 Forever Young
M 77&78 Gift & Gather
M 73&74 Glory Be
M 27&28 Hitchcock Paper Co.
M 193 It's Your Day
M 87 Labella Bridal
M 189 Leaf & Petal
M 146 Local Colour
M 29 Madigan's Waterfront
M 168 Man Overboard Enterprises LLC
M 90 Marin Woodturning
M 25 Occoquan Optical
U 4 Organic Allure
M 71 Patriot Scuba
M 179 Potomac Chocolate
M 72 Puzzle Palooza
M 167 So Bohemian Inc.
M 173 Spin a Web
M 151 The OCQ Outfitter
M 178 The Secret Jewelry Garden
M 149&150 The Spot on Mill Street
M 181 TuliaQintegral
M 185&186 Urban Posh
M 172 Wolf Landing Studio
U 12 American Heritage Girls
RMP Bailey's Crossroads Rotary Club
U 16&17 Bikers Against Child Abuse
U 38 Charlie Boone Trails Memorial Foundation U 13 ECHO Barkery
U 14 Falun Dafa Association of DC
I Alley Linda's Labs
U 37 Northern Virginia Family Service
Town Hall: Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court
U 39 Pak'D Project
M 70 Patriots for Disabled Divers
U 35&36 Prince William Art Society
M 173 Spin a Web
Food Court
M 48 Authentic Chicha, LLC
M 131&132 Capitol Snow
M 120 Chaat & More Indian cuisine
M cul-de-sac Empanadas De Mendoza
M cul-de-sac Himalayan Soul Foods
M 122&123 Karas Grill
M cul-de-sac Lunchbox on wheels
M 121 Sherri's Crab Cakes
M 45&46 Southern Style Tea
M 118&119 Thai Thai
M 115 Uncle Kebba’s Lemonade
M 116&117 Wild Bills Craft Beverage Co.

Satellite Parking

Vendors may freely park at any of our designated lots and will be transported by shuttle into town. The shuttle will begin at 7:00am and will end approximately 1 hour after the show ends.  

Purple Lot

Lake Ridge Commuter Lot
Corner of Old Bridge and Minnieville Roads, Woodbridge, VA
Drop off/Pick Up located at Mom’s Apple Pie Shuttle Stop

Green Lot
Rt 123 Commuter Lot
Corner of Route 123 and Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge, VA
Drop off/Pick Up at Footbridge Shuttle Stop by River Mill Park

Yellow Lot (New)
Workhouse Arts Center

9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton, VA
Drop off/Pick Up at the Shuttle Stop under the Route 123 Bridge


New for Sept 2022: There will be no event parking/shuttle service at the at the I-95 Commuter Lot at 1100 Annapolis Way.

Load In

Friday Night

Our town does a thriving Friday night business and town staff are unable to ask patrons and residents to leave parking spaces until 2am. Exhibitors may begin setting up on Friday night no earlier than 9:00pm, provided vehicles are not blocking their site.

Arriving in town Friday evening to find a car parked in their booth space is a chance each vendor takes but many do each season. In some areas, our streets are too narrow to set up fully while the streets are still open to traffic, but vendors must leave a route for traffic to pass through. Therefore, wherever possible, please prestage tents half on the sidewalk and half on the street. Should you choose to arrive Friday night, consider packing portable lighting as our town is lit by fairly dim gaslights. Please pull into town, off load at your space, then park your vehicle. 

Restricted from setting up Friday evening:

Mill Street: Space #39

Union Street: Spaces #1 and #52

Washington Street: Spaces #1 and #22

These are areas, that when blocked by a tent, make for hazardous turning onto our streets. Thank you for your understanding.

Saturday Morning

Alternatively, vendors may set up as early as they like on Saturday morning, though no staff will be available for assistance until 6am.  Personal vehicles must be off the street by 8am.

Pull into town, off load at your space, then park your vehicle, either at satellite parking, or in an in-town parking space that has been previously secured.

Food Court

Food tents with grills need to arrive in town to be set up in the food court area Friday evening before 10:00pm, or make other arrangements with the director, prior to September 23.

Food trucks are asked to make special arrangements prior to arrival so that security can guide your entry into town. Trucks are assigned areas, not spaces, and will pull in to the cul de sac by River Mill Park on a first come basis. All food trucks must be in prior to 8am both days.

Please note that our roads will close to ALL TRAFFIC by order of Occoquan Police at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday morning. Vendors who arrive after that time will have to hand carry their materials into town from outside the event area.


Setting Up Procedures

 All spaces are 10X10 and marked on the curb; tents must be placed within the RED dots located on the curb. All boxes, tents, and merchandise must be within the designated 10X10 space.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own shade, rain gear, chairs, set-up, tent weights, and any other items needed as part of an outdoor event. All tents must be weighted. Be sure to bring leveling tools if your booth space is on Washington or Union. These streets are on a slope.
  • No power is provided to vendors.
  • Unload as quickly as possible, remove your vehicle from the Town and then proceed with setting up your booth.  Please show courtesy to your fellow exhibitors. 
  • All personal vehicles need to be removed to satellite parking lots or in-town parking spaces no later than 8:00am both days of the show.  No parking is permitted on Town streets, alleys, and driveways during the craft show.
  • Please show courtesy to your fellow exhibitors and remember that no loud generators will be allowed to run outside the food court during the course of the show.

In-Town Parking

Sold Out. In-town parking lots have limited space and fill on a first come, first served basis. We are now filled completely. If you indicated an interest on your application for in-town parking but did not make a payment for one, please do not expect in-town space upon arrival.

PERMITS: A parking permit will be allocated to those who paid to rent a space and will be sent once we have your vehicle information. Anyone who parks in these designated spots without a permit will be towed. Once parked, cars must stay in the lot until the end of the craft show each day. Parking fees are non-refundable.


We host the show rain or shine so be sure to check the weather before you pack just in case we get a few sprinkles while you are here. Our town zip is 22125 for updates.

Check In

Vendors do not need to specifically check in. If you have questions or concerns, the director will regularly check email for messages from vendors. The director’s cell number for the weekend is: 571-572-6761


We offer breakfast to vendors at Town Hall from 7:00am to 10:00am on Saturday and 8:00am to 10:00am on Sunday. We are pleased to announce that our assortment of delicious scones and muffins are provided by Great Harvest Bread Company while supplies last.

Lunch Options

There are many places in town to find a bite to eat during the weekend. The Food Court will be adjacent to River Mill Park again for this show. If that is not convenient to your booth space, feel free to place an advance order with one of our eateries, or BYO lunch.

Ballywhack Shack703-772-0068
Bann Thai Old Town571-572-3193
Bar-J Chili Parlor571-398-6294
Bottle Stop Wine Bar703-587-7772
Cock and Bowl 703-494-1180
Grind N Crepe571-575-3258
Madigan’s Waterfront703-494-6373
Mom’s Apple Pie Company703-497-7437
The Secret Garden Cafe703-494-2848
The Spot on Mill Street703-499-8809
Third Base Pizza571-398-6294
Zorba’s Greek Restaurant703 852-0062


The Town will provide overnight security to patrol the streets Friday and Saturday nights. You do not have to clear your site Saturday evening; however, the Town is not responsible for securing individual tents or properties. 

Early Departure

Booths are required to be staffed both days of the event. If an emergency requires an early departure, notify the director as soon as possible.   

Break Down and Exit Plan

  • Our streets are narrow! Please don’t block the center of the street.  Leave an open lane for traffic flow. 
  • Be a considerate visitor to Occoquan and leave your booth space in the same condition that you found it. Do not leave any trash or empty boxes at your site.
  • Completely break down your exhibit PRIOR to bringing your vehicle into Town. Pull back from the center of the street, i.e., pack stock, collapse tents, tables and display stands, then bring vehicle into Town. 
  • Please cooperate with all Traffic Director requests. 
  • When considering your final departure from town Sunday evening, please use the map below and follow the arrows:  


Promotional Materials

Please feel free to use any of these graphics to promote your business within the craft show. Follow @townofoccoquan to easily share Instagram posts and stories.



We want to welcome you to Occoquan and provide a sucessful experience for you while you are here. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the director immediately to resolve any issues before you arrive in town.

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