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Police Department

Town of Occoquan

314 Mill Street, PO Box 195

Occoquan, VA 22125 

Occoquan is served by both the Occoquan Police Department as well as the Prince William County Police Department. 

The Occoquan Police Department provides public safety for the Town, its corporate limits, and the 17 acres of land outside the corporate town limits on Tanyard Hill Road, and, by Virginia Code Section 19.2-250, three hundred yards in any direction from the corporate limits of the Town

The Occoquan Police Department is led by a Chief of Police/Town Sergeant who is appointed by the Occoquan Town Council.  The Occoquan Police Department is located in Town Hall at 314 Mill Street in Occoquan. 

The Prince William County Public Safety Communications Center handles dispatching of Occoquan Police officers as well as the Prince William County Police, who provide police response when Occoquan officers are not present in the Town. 

All emergencies, crimes, or other matters of an urgent nature should be reported promptly to 911.

Other non-emergency public safety matters requiring police response should be reported to the Public Safety Non-Emergency number (703) 792-6500. See below for important telephone numbers.


Accident Reports
Occoquan Police Department reports all reportable crashes to the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is recorded in the Traffic Records Electronic Data System commonly known as TREDS.  This system is managed by the Virginia Highway Safety Office.

Once the reportable crash report (FR300P) has been reviewed by our department, it is submitted to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ approval process. The DMV maintains the official record of all reportable crashes occurring within the Commonwealth and is responsible for the dissemination of these reports.  In order to receive a copy of this report, please visit:
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Parking Tickets

If you would like to pay a parking violation, you can pay (1) in person at Town Hall, (2) by phone, and/or (3) by mail.  If you would like to contest a parking ticket, complete  the Violation - Notice of Contest and return it to Town Hall.  


In an Emergency, dial 9-1-1

To contact the Prince William County Police Department Non-Emergency:

Non-Emergencies,  (703) 792-6500 (Prince William County)


Contact the Chief 

Town of Occoquan

Chief of Police/Town Sergeant

Adam Linn

(703) 491-1918

Public Safety