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Public Art in Occoquan


Streetscape Installment on Mill Street

In partnership with Occoquan River Communities (ORC) and Occoquan Historical Society (OHS), the Town installed a 90-foot banner along Mill Street featuring life size historical images of Occoquan's past.  The banner was unveiled during a special event on September 17, 2015, during which former Mayor and current Treasurer of OHS Earnie Porta provided a description of each of the photos and their connection to Occoquan history.  This project is part of the ORC Public Art Committee's initiative to bring public art (performing and visual) to the Occoquan region. Press Release View descriptions of each photo prepared by the Occoquan Historical Society.

Occoquan River Communities

Occoquan Historical Society

Project Partners

Town of Occoquan

Occoquan River Communities

Occoquan Historical Society

Polaris Press

Virginia Lawn Service
Melissa Jennings Stevens 

 (Property Owner)

​​Future Public Art Projects

In partnership with ORC, the Town is continuing to identify space for public art projects within the Town and the Occoquan region.  If you have a suggestion for a public art project that will enhance our community, please contact us.